Here at Never Ending Realm, we love JRPGs and the music that accompanies them. A special place in this writer’s heart is the classic tunes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. I remember playing this SNES JRPG and loving every minute of it, especially the memorable music. My favorite track from a link to the past has to be Hyrule Field but Lost Woods comes a close second. Un-surprisingly, others also enjoy A Link to the Past’s music. One such fan group is the band known as The Game Brass, a brass instrument centered music group. The Game Brass is releasing a full album featuring the Nintendo hit using full brass instruments, giving the original SNES synth tracks strong competition. This album encompasses every track from A Link to the Past, from the title theme to the end credits. Each score is recreated note for note in orchestra style. These are not remixes. The Game Brass has created cover songs for multiple video game franchises such as Deltarune, Persona 4, and Super Mario to name a few.

A Fresh Take on a Memorable OST

In addition to receiving the full album, The Game Brass provides each purchaser with an MSU-1 enhancement patch. The Game Brass boasts that this patch allows purchasers to import the new music into the original The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. For veteran’s of The Legend of Zelda franchise, this music swap could breath new life into A Link to the Past playthrough.

A link to The Game Brass website can be found here.

A Link to the Brass releases to Bandcamp November 21, 2021 (this Sunday). If you are interested in The Legend of Zelda music or music featuring brass instruments, check it out.

A preview of the new album can be found on YouTube in the link below:


The Game Brass is a video game music ensemble made of a core septet of regular performers and an extensive network of friends. For this album, the core group has gone back to basics for a focused, but rich performance. The album features:

John Robert Matz – Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and a little Horn

Robby Duguay – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and a teensy bit of Horn

Danny Flam – Horn

John Stacy – Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion

Daniel Romberger – Trombone

Alex Hill – Tuba

Thomas Kresge – Production, Mixing, Mastering, Trumpet


Full Track Listing:

Title Theme (0:17)

Beginning of the Journey (0:56)

Seal of the Seven Maidens (1:50)

Time of the Falling Rain (0:54)

Hyrule Castle (2:48)

Princess Zelda’s Rescue (1:31)

Safety in the Sanctuary (1:04)

Hyrule Field Main Theme (1:27)

Kakariko Village (3:05)

Guessing-Game House (0:46)

Fortune Teller (0:44)

The Soldiers of Kakariko Village (0:41)

Dank Dungeons (0:51)

Lost Ancient Ruins (2:00)

Anger of the Guardians (0:30)

Great Victory! (0:12)

The Silly Pink Rabbit! (0:51)

Lost Woods (0:43)

Unsealing the Master Sword (0:13)

Priest of the Dark Order (1:00)

Dark World (2:06)

Death Mountain (1:41)

Dungeon of Shadows (1:34)

Meeting the Maidens (1:03)

Fairy Fountain (0:56)

The Priest Transforms into Ganon (0:05)

Ganon’s Message (1:03)

Battle with Ganon (1:09)

Triforce Chamber (1:29)

Epilogue ~ Beautiful Hyrule (3:51)

Staff Roll (3:55)

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