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FFVIIR Producer: “The New World of FFVII Has Only Just Begun!”

Fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake are eagerly awaiting for “part 2” of the episodic series. Yoshiniro Kitase’s (Final Fantasy VII’s Director, and FFVIIR’s producer) recent comments hint at the direction that the series will take, but not at a release date. Tetsuya Nomura, FFVIIR’s Director, has a history of absurdly long development cycles when […]


Kitase Doesn’t Confirm or Deny If FFVIIR’s Ending Changes Story Going Forwards, FFVIIR-2 Development Continues

One only needs to read social media comments to see that one of the biggest points of contention in regards to the Final Fantasy VII Remake and its future installments, is its ‘weird’ ending (in an already weird re-telling of the first section (Midgar) of the original Final Fantasy VII). It can be inferred by […]