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* denotes an original character

Tomb Raider 2013 | Lara Croft | Cosplay by KsanaStankevich

Lara Croft – the daughter of the late Lord Richard Croft. After discovering ancient writings depicting the Kodaitrons in Egypt, she and Lu Ren are accosted by Zana, and Lu Ren is killed. Despite her aloofness towards Vaan, due to the trauma of her friend’s death, she eventually starts accepting his help in rebuilding her confidence and acts as a mother figure to him, and then later his love interest.
(Voice: Alicia Vikander / Megumi Ogata)
Theme Song: “Rise of the Tomb Raider) / “New Fist of the North Star)

Vaan Cosplay FFXII, prepare to fight! by hakucosplay
Vaan “Ratzbane” – a rookie Sky Pirate who grew up on the streets of Rabanastre. Trying to stay positive in spite of their predicament, Vaan’s empathy and growing love for Lara will prove vital to healing her wounded soul as she struggles to cope with the death of Lu Ren, her friend and previous love interest.
(Voice: Bobby Edner / Kohei Takeda)
Theme Song: “The Transformers Movie) / “Fist of the North Star 2)

Lu Ren – an ally of Lara Croft who had been killed by Zana, with his death deeply affecting Lara and serving as additional motivation for Vaan to help Lara eradicate Trinity forever.
(Voice: Daniel Wu / Ryota Ozawa)

Zana by Haddad062
*Zana – a lascivious Egyptian female agent of Trinity who is responsible for killing Lu Ren. She likes to sexually exploit her victims and constantly tries to seduce Vaan, who resists her advances due to his strong loyalty to Lara. She is rumored to harbor some connection to the Pharaoh that antagonized the Kodaitrons long ago.
(Voice: Dawnn Lewis / Yuria Satomi)
Theme Song: “Imhotep” (The Mummy(1999))

*Jaag Arnott – a hulking, bald-headed former Judge Magister in-training and one of the last remaining loyalists to Vayne Carudas Solidor. He once looked up to Judge Magister Gabranth until his betrayal and subsequent death, and wants revenge on Vaan for his part in what Jaag personally deems the Archadian Empire’s downfall. He addresses Vaan with femininity-related insults, owing to the latter’s “supposedly androgynous” appearance.
(Voice: Vinnie Jones / Mugihito)
Theme Song: “Ride of the Valkyries” (by Richard Wagner)

Bassu Boratto by Haddad062
*Bass Boratt – a mischievous, comical, jive-talking work robot who immigrated to Earth from an unknown planet before he had also been abducted by or because of Jaag and Zana. Despite his small stature and seeming lack of fighting experience, Bass is far from a totally self-centered coward, and not above mustering the will to speak out or even stand up to his captors. His serial number is CTM0F0-97.
(Voice: myself or Chris Tucker / Koichi Yamadera)
Theme Song: “Dizzee Rascal)

*Majin800m – a lazy, socially inept, portly video gamer who had also been abducted by or because of Jaag and Zana. He becomes acquainted with Bass Borat, despite the friction between them. The “800m” in his username is pronounced “boom”.
(Voice: Danny Tamberelli / Fumihiko Tachiki)
Theme Song: “POD)

*Oroboss Cobrakhan – Leader of the Kodaitrons, mysterious alien robots who tried to integrate themselves into the Egyptian pantheon of gods for unknown reasons back in ancient times.

  • Name Origin: Ouroboros(from Egyptian lore); Cobra + Ra(Egyptian god) + khan ((military) leader)
  • Element: Void
  • Animal Motif: Snake, Cobra, Ophiuchus
  • Color: Gold
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Megatron in Beast Wars and Transformers Armada, and Grendizer
  • EN Voice: David Kaye
  • JP Voice: Takashi Ukaji
  • Theme Song: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Quote: “You weak pathetic fools, I’m going to devour your bodies and your souls!
  • Weak Against: Spear of Osiris

*Maleborg Jaakuul
 – one of the three Kodaitron Generals.

  • Name Origin: Malebolge(location in the 8th circle of Hell in Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno) + cyborg; Jaaku(“evil” in japanese) + Dracul(“son of the dragon” in latin, name origin for Dracula)
  • Element: Blood
  • Animal Motif: Jackal, Canine
  • Color: Gray
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Getter-2 and Lyger in Getter Robo
  • EN Voice: Steven Blum
  • JP Voice: Norio Wakamoto
  • Stage Theme: Bloody Tears (Castlevania)
  • Quote: “No one escapes the guardian hound of the Duat!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Vampiric Spikes
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Red Spiral

*Thunder Crackadile – one of the three Kodaitron Generals.

  • Name Origin: The Decepticon Thundercracker from Transformers.
  • Element: Thunder
  • Animal Motif: Crocodile
  • Color: Orange
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Getter-1 and Dragon in Getter Robo
  • EN Voice: Jess Harnell
  • JP Voice: Kenta Miyake
  • Stage Theme: Falling Down (by Breaking Point)
  • Quote: “You’re in for quite a shock now!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Tesla Tonfas
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Radiant Thunderfall

*Toxic Skarabax – one of the three Kodaitron Generals.

  • Name Origin: Scarabax beetles from BIONICLE.
  • Element: Poison
  • Animal Motif: Scarab
  • Color: Pink
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Getter-3 and Poseidon in Getter Robo
  • EN Voice: Patrick Seitz
  • JP Voice: Tessho Genda
  • Stage Theme: “Drop the Bombshell” (by Powerman 5000)
  • Quote: “Go ahead, pick your poison!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Plague Buster
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Toxic Fallout

*Zeroika Skorpius

  • Name Origin: Zeroika means “subzero” in japanese; his name and design recalls Scorpion and Subzero from Mortal Kombat.
  • Element: Ice
  • Animal Motif: Scorpion
  • Color: White
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Scorponok in Transformers G1
  • EN Voice: Phil Lamarr
  • JP Voice: Banjo Ginga
  • Stage Theme: “Mortal Kombat ~ 1995 Movie)
  • Quote: “Come here and feel the icy sting!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Coolant Crossbow
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: White Whorl

*Daltonius Metalleon

  • Name Origin: The super robot Daltanious.
  • Element: Metal
  • Animal Motif: Lion
  • Color: Silver
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Daltanious and GaoGaiGar
  • EN Voice: Diedrich Bader
  • JP Voice: Ichirou Mizuki
  • Stage Theme: “Gaoranger)
  • Quote: “Oh yeah! It’s hunting season!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Iron Cutter
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Steel Triumvirate

*Salamanth Reezod

  • Name Origin: Salamander and Amarant(the japanese and english names, respectively, for the same character in Final Fantasy IX.)
  • Element: Fire
  • Animal Motif: Lizard, Salamander
  • Color: Red
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Mecha Godzilla from Godzilla
  • EN Voice: Sean Chiplock
  • JP Voice: Kazuki Yao
  • Stage Theme: “Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Quote: “Think I’ll turn up the heat in here!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Flamethrower
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Pyroclasm

*Cyclonus Hyenado

  • Name Origin: The Decepticon Cyclonus from Transformers; Hyena + Tornado
  • Element: Wind
  • Animal Motif: Hyena
  • Color: Yellow
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Jehuty from Zone of the Enders
  • EN Voice: Steven Blum
  • JP Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki
  • Stage Theme: “Knight of the Wind” (Sonic and the Black Knight)
  • Quote: “Try as you might, you’ll never catch the wind!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Air Razor
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Windburst

*Ironhydro Hippokampf

  • Name Origin: The Autobot Ironhide from Transformers + hydro; Hippocampus(part of the brain) + kampf(“struggle” in german)
  • Element: Water
  • Animal Motif: Hippopotamus
  • Color: Blue
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Sphynx from Godmars and Boss Borot from Mazinger Z
  • EN Voice: Kevin Michael Richardson
  • JP Voice: Kenta Miyake
  • Stage Theme: “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie(2004))
  • Quote: “Let’s get this party started!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Hydro Splasher
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Azure Torrent

*Aggrav Baalture

  • Name Origin: Aggravate/Aggression + Gravity; Baal(the pagan god of weather) + vulture
  • Element: Gravity
  • Animal Motif: Vulture
  • Color: Purple
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Stilva α04 from Getter Robo and Jet Garuda from Jetman
  • EN Voice: Patrick Seitz
  • JP Voice: Koichi Yamadera
  • Stage Theme: “Jetman)
  • Quote: “You’re on your way for a nasty fall!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Gravity Bombs
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Black Hole

*Hardrock Ramulus

  • Name Origin: The Beast Wars Maximal named Ramulus
  • Element: Earth
  • Animal Motif: Ram
  • Color: Brown
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Koutetsu Jeeg
  • EN Voice: Phil Lamarr
  • JP Voice: Tessho Genda
  • Stage Theme: “Twisted Sister)
  • Quote: “So, are you ready to rock, earthlings?
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Quake Breaker
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Earthen Eruption

*Teneblight Iburiz

  • Name Origin: Tenebris(“darkness” in latin)/Ten(“heaven” in japanese) + blight or bright; Iblis(from Islamic lore)
  • Element: Shadow
  • Animal Motif: Ibis
  • Color: Black
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Evangelion
  • EN Voice: Tiffany Grant
  • JP Voice: Mao Ichimichi
  • Stage Theme: Battle of the Ajax (Flash Gordon)
  • Quote: “I’m so gonna punch your lights out!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Aura Flaregun
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Hamon Wipeout

*Botanis Heranoia

  • Name Origin: Botany(study of plantlife); Hera(the Greek Goddess of Fertility) + Paranoia
  • Element: Plantlife
  • Animal Motif: Heron
  • Color: Green
  • Super Robot Inspiration: Aphrodite A and Venus A from Mazinger Z
  • EN Voice: Mona Marshall
  • JP Voice: Yuriko Yamamoto
  • Stage Theme: “Welcome to the Jungle” (by Guns N’ Roses)
  • Quote: “There is no fooling Mother Nature!
  • Lara’s gained weapon: Twine Whip
  • Vaan’s learned Mist Technique: Forest Dervish

Writer’s note: The Kodaitrons’ animal counterparts are the same as those in the Order of Ancients from Assassin’s Creed Origins named after animals, with their collective name, the Snake, applying to Cob-Ra-Temu to reflect his status as the Kodaitron leader. Their naming scheme pays homage to the Maverick Bosses in the Mega Man X series, and their physical designs take inspiration from super robots from the 1970s-2000s, with Super Sentai-esque helmet designs matching their animal motifs, a la Zyuranger for example, and Go Nagai-ish Robot faces.*Sa’Naakians(サナーク星人, Sanāku-seijin) – a race of anthropomorphic air-breathing sea creatures from the planet Sa’Naak. Many descendants of those who arrived in Ancient Egypt were captured and kept hidden by Trinity, likely because of what their ancestors presumably knew about the Kodaitrons and passed down for generations.

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