Everything About the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Patch

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The winter update was just released on Thursday, November 19th for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s a very large update, and will be released in separate parts. To some players it may be unclear as to what parts of the update are currently available, so here is a guide to lead the way.

General Updates

This big winter patch includes several updates to the game as a whole, unrelated to any of the upcoming holiday events. Players now have the option of unlocking 6 new hairstyles with their Nook Miles. These hairstyles have a focus on diversity, hoping to be a bit more inclusive after some minor backlash for a lack of representation.

Players can also access new reactions. This patch includes 9 new ones. Normally, players have to leave it up to luck to get new reactions, or even do something complex. To get these, players can simply unlock them from the Nook Miles terminal. The item is called the “Hip Reaction Collection,” and it can be unlocked for 2,700 Nook Miles.

Players can now visit random dream islands. Simply visit Luna, and choose “Surprise me,” instead of having to put in a specific player’s code. People familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise will remember this feature from New Leaf.

If you’re the special type of player that grinded it out and reached the final upgrade for your house as early as the first month New Horizons was released, you probably also have storage problems. Finally, there is a way to increase your house’s storage capacity. Just speak to Tom Nook, and for 500,000 bells, you can double your storage from 1,600 to 2,400 capacity.

Rounding off the general winter updates, players who play both New Horizons and Pocket Camp will now have access to a new phone case for linking your games together.

Turkey Day

Turkey Day is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on November 26th to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. While the content isn’t accessible right now, it’s included in the patch’s data.

Franklin the Turkey will come to your town on November 26th for the turkey day festivities. He will have the player collect items for all new Turkey Day DIY recipes that will be collectable starting and then directly following November 26th. Data-mining has confirmed there will be at least 12 new items for Turkey Day.

As always, it is not possible to access this content through time traveling. We all have to wait to play at the same time!

Holiday Content

Animal Crossing
Even in the midst of COVID lockdowns, Animal Crossing New Horizons’ newest winter patch will allow its players to gather for some safe, and fun end of the year celebrations.

The holiday season officially begins in-game from December 1st and ends on December 25th. Players can collect new toys and collectibles, including new inter-actable toys with several color variations, and holiday-themed furniture. Exclusive and unique items will be craft-able on Toy Day itself (starting on December 24th).

Players can also buy full costumes from the Abel Sisters throughout December, which include a Santa costume and a reindeer suit.

New Years Celebrations!

Finally, players will be able to have New Years related content. While New Years doesn’t boast as many new items as the other holidays, there are a few new decorative food items that players can get from Nook’s shop.

As always, you can watch the ball drop and celebrate with your island-mates at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

That’s it for Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates for now, but players can be on the lookout for the next patch, scheduled for release in late January.

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