Ghost Of Tsushima’s Limited-Time-Only Costumes and Multiplayer Mode Update

Sucker Punch Productions has been full of fun surprises, unveiling classic Sony character outfits available for a limited period of time as well as a new update for Ghost of Tsushima. The 1.18 update includes fixes to the co-op multiplayer mode. It will also be fixing a few bugs along the way.

Celebrate Sony with Limited-Time Epic Costumes

Sucker Punch announced on the Ghost of Tsushima Twitter that “From now until January 15, 2021, unlock these #GhostOfTsushima: Legends outfits inspired by iconic PlayStation characters from God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne! Complete any Story or Survival mission with each class to unlock all four outfits!” These outfits are at no additional cost to the player but must be earned before January 15, 2021. Basically, this update is telling me I need to finally get Ghost of Tsushima so I can further feed into my Bloodborne obsession. CBR writer Robert Koumarelas suggests that “the easiest way to get them all [is] to complete the Severed Hearts Mission with each class on bronze,” for players interested in earning the outfits before their time is up.

Each costume can only be worn with its corresponding class. This means the God of War outfit can only be worn by the Samurai, the Horizon Zero Dawn outfit can only be worn by the Hunter, the Shadow of the Colossus outfit can only be worn by the assassin, and the Bloodborne outfit can only be worn by the Ronin (I would have suggested the Hunter class for Bloodborne, personally). The costumes also cannot be worn by the game’s protagonist, Jin Sakai, as they are only available in the online multiplayer mode. Speaking of which….

 Ghost of Tsushima’s Multiplayer Legends Mode


The Legends Mode is a co-op multiplayer mode introduced back in October with the release of the 1.1 update. This free game add-on (that does need a PlayStation subscription to access online play) separates itself from the main campaign by allowing players to choose from the four classes listed above. Players then need to work together to finish missions based on Japanese mythology.

The Sucker Punch blog directly addresses issues players have been having with Legends Mode, citing two requests from players: “first… some assistance in filling out your party for the Raid, and second, users quitting mid-match is impacting the experience in Survival missions.” To combat these issues, the 1.18 update introduces new Fill Party options, which Sucker Punch says will help “set specific parameters when you’re attempting to find other players. This new tool helps you fill your party for Gold and Nightmare Survival missions, Nightmare Story missions, and yes, all three chapters of The Tale of Iyo Raid.” These options will allow players to create a group of up to four players based on their goals within the game. Sucker Punch does point out that players using the Fill Party options will experience increased wait times when compared to their usual matchmaking process.

Ghost of Tsushima is doing a wonderful job staying relevant well after its release. The game was actually the ninth most downloaded PlayStation 4 game in November. With limited-time-only costumes and a hopefully improved multiplayer mode, the game may continue to be one of the most downloaded PS4 entries in December and January as well.

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