God of War Gets Free PlayStation 5 Update

God of War Screenshot on PS4

Many titles have been offering free upgrades or updates to the newest console generation. Whether it’s a new title like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or an older title like Control: Ultimate edition, many of these games have been enhanced for the PlayStation 5.

Following in their footsteps, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has announced their free update to their 2018 title, God of War. One of the best games in 2018 can now take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s capabilities. The update is actually live as of February 2nd, and features 60 fps, 4k checkerboard resolution and 2160p.

With the PS4 Pro, you were given the choice between resolution or performance. Resolution would run the game in 4k and performance would run the game at 60fps. This new enhanced mode on the PlayStation 5 will essentially combine the two and allow you to enjoy both at once. You will also still be able to access the PS4 graphic option if you want to, but this is undoubtedly the best way to experience the title.

The PlayStation 5 already offers backwards compatibility to the majority of the PS4 game library, but it’s always exciting to see developers update their games to the new generation. It’s also nice when it is free. The PlayStation 5 will already enhance things like load times on its own, but things like frame rate and resolution need to be patched in by the developers.

God of War

The PlayStation 5 still lacks a huge amount of exclusive games and many people are reliving their past PS4 games, or even playing PS4 games for the first time. If that is the case, this is a great opportunity to play God of War and other titles that have done this. As someone who absolutely loves this game, I’m certainly excited to experience it for myself on my PlayStation 5.

This also bodes well for other titles that people are itching for improvements on. Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Part II and Uncharted 4 just to name a few, are all titles people have requested to see receive the same treatment. I’m sure in the future, we will see more and more titles go down this very same road.

It is also a great way for Santa Monica Studio to get players ready for their God of War sequel that they are currently working on. There is no concrete release date for the sequel, but Sony dropped the teaser trailer for it during last year’s PlayStation 5 Showcase.

If their idea is to bring franchises from the PS4 forward, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horizon Zero Dawn do the same thing since Guerrilla Games is currently working on it’s sequel as well. We’ve seen that before in games like Uncharted with the Uncharted Collection being released on PS4 before the 4th game.

Regardless, any free update is welcome and appreciated. It’s always nice to put your new console to use, even if it is on an older title. It just further speaks to whether or not the PlayStation 5 is a good investment. Even without a huge library yet, it still proves its worth in how it handles PS4 titles, and the numerous free updates games are receiving. Hopefully more titles will receive these updates but for now, go enjoy God of War.

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By Dakota Deitsch

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