Here’s What We Know About D&D: Dark Alliance

dark alliance

Dark Alliance is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam on June 22nd, 2021. It will be available on both current and last gen consoles. It is set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons and will be taking place around 100 years before the events of the tabletop game.

An Action RPG/Brawler

Unlike most Dungeons and Dragons inspired video games, Dark Alliance will not be in a top-down perspective. Instead, you’ll be right in the action with an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Gameplay will be mostly combat related, with a little bit of exploration. On higher difficulties, combat will require a little bit of strategy rather than just button mashing. You’ll want to time dodges and blocks just right.

Shows combat from Dark Alliance
Combat is going to be brutal and intense.

It has been reported that the game feels a lot like Gears of War, so combat will be intense and brutal. There will be a loot system too which will encourage replayability. On harder difficulties, mission rewards will be better.

Playable Characters

There will be four playable characters in Dark Alliance. Those familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons novels from the ’80s and ’90s will recognize this cast. Players will be able to play as The Rogue Drow Ranger, Drizzt Do’urden, Warrior-King Bruenor Battlehammer, Barbarian Wulfgar and Ranger Cattie-brie.

You can play the game solo, but it was built with co-op in mind. Each mission will take a full party around 25 minutes to complete, but solo will run around 40 minutes. On top of that, it could be longer if you are exploring and trying to complete every side quest.

Each character will have a light attack, heavy attack, dodge, some special abilities with cooldowns, and an Ultimate move that charges with every kill. It is a bit more in-depth than that though with each character having unique combos they can perform, too.

The game will not be cross-platform at launch, but it could come later with an update. Until then you will want to coordinate with friends on what platform to play on if you’re interested in co-op.

Dark Alliance’s Setting

The game will be set in the Icewind Dale region, which is the common region for most tabletop playthroughs. It will take place 100 years before the events of the tabletop game, but because it is in a familiar land, the lore should be recognizable to fans. The game will take place after the events that took place in the book The Crystal Shard.

Where And When To Buy

Standard versions of Dark Alliance are available for preorder where most video games are sold. The standard edition is $39.99.

There will also be a steelbook edition available for $59.99. The steelbook edition is exclusive to Gamestop and will also include access to the first DLC in the game called Echoes of the Blood War.

However you decide to play the game, it looks very promising. If you are into Action RPGs or brawlers, it might be just up your alley.

*Editor’s Note: The original version of this article did not make it clear that Drizzit is a rogue Drow but his character class is typically Ranger.

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