Microsoft Is Likely to Have a Budget Version of its Series X Console Code Named Lockhart According to Tech Spec Leak

The long rumored, but unconfirmed Xbox console codenamed “Lockhart” seems to be a reality as specs have been leaked, as documents on a twitter post show. While this version of the console has long been rumored, and it would serve the Xbox Series X as a cheaper alternative to the system (much like the Xbox One S is a cheaper alternative to the Xbox One X), before the leaked documents all but confirmed the existence of the machine it was hard to grasp what kind of specs the machine would have or even if it existed at all.

Instead of going with a Discless based system (Like Sony with the all-digital PS5 edition), it seems Microsoft is making vastly different (and underpowered) machine in contrast to its main flagship Xbox Series X. The specs are at least at a surface level unflattering to say the least.

The system boasts 7.5GB of usable RAM, a slightly underclocked CPU speed, and 4 teraflops of GPU performance. The GPU and the amount of RAM seems to be inferior to that of the current Xbox flagship console the Xbox One X. But we do not know yet, if the system uses GDDR6 RAM. Still, its CPU is much more capable than the underpowered 8 core Jaguar under the 1X’s hood.

It is rumored that the Lockhart (due to the lower spec GPU) will focus on running games at 1080p-1440p resolutions at 60fps, as opposed to the Series X’s standard 4K resolution for games. The existence of the console at this point is a bit strange considering that the Xbox One X is only two years old and seems to do 4K without much issue.

Microsoft has said that their games will be released on every Xbox One console (apart from the Series X) for at least a few years after the new console’s launch.  This policy while convenient and reassuring to all current Xbox owners, raises the question of the pricing for the Xbox One X (which remains a $400-500  investment if buying new) once the new Lockhart or rumored Xbox Series S is released, as it is unclear how much more powerful the new “budget” system will be.

Perhaps Microsoft will slowly phase out (discontinue) both the Xbox One S, and Xbox One X models in favor of the new budget machine. Rumors abound that Microsoft will announce the console on August, and that there is a special (lower) target for performance in the console that Microsoft wants developers hit when developing games for the Series X.

Still, these are good news for Xbox fans who want options in the purchase of next gen consoles, and it will interesting to see whether gamers today in 2020 an age where 4K TVs are as prevalent (and as affordable)  as 1080p TVs were 6-7 years ago, will be willing to sacrifice a 4K resolution in order to acquire a more affordable system.

The expected compromises in visual fidelity will also be fascinating, as games like Halo Infinite will also run on the Xbox One X which will increase interest in future video comparisons of the games running on the three systems.

By Samuel Rivera

Avid Video Game player, and Book Reader. Samuel has been playing video games for the last 31 years. He has played nearly every PS1 JRPG known to man, and loves Ocarina of Time more than any other game.

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