New Pokemon Snap Release Date Set for April 21st

New Pokemon Snap

A new sequel to Pokemon Snap is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Aptly named New Pokemon Snap, it will take place in the previously-unseen Lental region. Originally announced in June 2020, New Pokemon Snap now has an official release date of April 30th, 2021.

As the first sequel to Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64, New Pokemon Snap will be the first entry to the series in more than 20 years. Originally released in 1999, Pokemon Snap was an extremely popular game for the Nintendo 64. Kids could take pictures of their favorite Pokemon in their natural habitats in full 3D and interact with them in real-time.

Much like the original, it seems that New Pokemon Snap will take place on a railroad. Based on the trailer footage, players will board up in their bubble-cars and take pictures of Pokemon to progress in the game. Pokemon in more dynamic poses will award more points to progress to the next level. The player can actively interfere with the Pokemon’s day to day activities to get them to do interesting things, like evolve or fight. In some cases, it can be like a puzzle to solve to get the absolute best photos. Remember making that Charmander evolve by throwing the apple into the volcano? Incredible stuff. Hopefully, there will be even more objects to throw at Pokemon this time around.

From your futuristic train car, you will be able to snap pictures of Pokemon doing whatever it is Pokemon do. Your photography dreams can come true in the Lental region. Players will be able to interact with Pokemon in their natural habitat yet again. It’s just like Jurassic Park, but with no danger whatsoever.

New Pokemon Snap 1
Nintendo 64 , and new Pokémon fans should be excited about the resurgence of the Pokémon Snap series.

Just like in ‘99′ Pokemon Snap, you can throw apples (Fluffruit, officially) to attract wild Pokemon. Once you’ve got your Pokemon in view, you can create memorable pictures and feel really immersed in the first-person perspective. If only we could take our Switches to Blockbuster to get the pictures printed out. I still have a roll of pictures I took of Mew from before the new millennium. This time, the graphics are crisp and sharp, and you can share your photos on Twitter. Is that as fun as printing them off at Burger King? You be the judge.

It seems there will be a decent variety of Pokemon from the main series’ games different regions. In the release trailer, there are several different locales and Pokemon types present. With a franchise boasting nearly 1,000 Pokemon, who knows what we might see around the next corner? If you’re patient, you will be able to see plenty of magical things in New Pokemon Snap. Meganium makes a big appearance in the trailer, which is great. Meganium never gets enough love.

New Pokemon Snap will be out on April 30th. In the meantime, I’ll be pulling out the Nintendo 64 and replaying the original. Maybe, as an adult, I can finally snap a photo of that Zapdos in the cave level all my older friends were talking about.

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By Nathan Grant

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