Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ To Be Announced Before E3

Nintendo Switch

There’s a high chance that we will see a new Nintendo Switch model at some point this year. It’s also very possible that we will hear about it before E3. It’s no surprise that Nintendo has plans for an upgraded model, when the other current-gen consoles released last year.

When To Expect The New Switch

According to Bloomberg and a lot of other sources, we are probably about to hear an announcement for the new device soon. It is likely that Nintendo will announce the new Switch before E3 so that their developers can show off their new titles on the platform. E3 would also be the perfect place for Nintendo to expand on the news if it has already been announced.

Predictions are out for a Fall release of the console, although if the release is anything like the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, we can probably expect some shortages. Between the pandemic and scalpers, a new Nintendo device could suffer like the other consoles in the demand department. As the days to E3 narrow down, what started as a rumor is becoming more of a reality.

What To Expect From The New Switch

First and foremost, Nintendo could be aiming for 4K support when the console is docked. Their current Switch is now four years old, and does not support 4K. It would be a great step forward for them and allow them to better compete with the other consoles.

We can also expect a better handheld display, perhaps even larger. It is also looking like that display will be created by Samsung and it will be an OLED display. OLEDs offer a better range in terms of battery consumption, as it varies depending on the content. LCDs always use maximum brightness no matter what, and that’s what the current Switch has. With so many rumors revolving around the subject though, it is difficult to say what the true specs of the product will be.

Is An Upgraded Nintendo Switch Necessary?

Realistically, Nintendo has had no issues selling Switches, especially in light of the recent quarantines. However, with Sony and Microsoft releasing their newest consoles last Fall, Nintendo could be ramping up to compete a bit. It also has been four years since the original Switch, and it fits Nintendo’s pattern to release a newer version of their devices like they did with the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS.

A more powerful Nintendo Switch would also mean more opportunity for more ports to come to the console. Not to mention, higher performing Switch exclusive titles as well. Even if Nintendo is not struggling with sales, I think they would benefit from a new upgrade. Regardless though, we will surely know more of what’s going on at Nintendo in the weeks to come.

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