PlayStation 5 Experiences Global Shortages

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Some PlayStation 5 consoles on the initial launch back are suffering from some strange technical issues.

Since the PlayStation 5’s release, it has been pretty hard to find a console. Retailers have been on and off on their supplies, leaving many customers helpless. Even when retailers have announced that they have some in stock, it has been a very limited amount and it has been hard to acquire one.

Jim Ryan, Sony’s CEO told Russian News Agency, Tass, that every PlayStation 5 unit has been sold. He goes on to say that most of this year was spent generating demand for the product. Now, he has been dealing with that demand the best way he can.

COVID-19 hasn’t made things any easier either. They’ve had to close multiple factories across Asia, due to lockdowns. That of course, has resulted in the shortages across the world. Not to mention the precautions that Sony have been taking to make sure retailers and the public are safe.

Retailers like GameStop have been randomly advertising limited supplies of PlayStation 5s, but a lot of people are not able to snag them in time. Most of them are reporting that once the item is in their cart, they are told about an error or cancellation. This has definitely led to frustration within the gaming community.

To add to that frustration, GameStop always sells their consoles as a bundle. So, you may want the console, but Gamestop’s going to make sure they make some money. So, you may have to pay for an extra controller, or a game that you don’t want.

DS PlayStation 5
Many gamers hoping to play games like Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5 will likely have to wait until next year.

Unless you’re willing to pay scalpers on eBay up to a thousand dollars for a PlayStation 5, your next best chance will be on Black Friday. Most retailers are advertising that they will have their next shipment by then, though I wouldn’t hope for much of a supply.

Jim Ryan is confident that the console will be in short supply for the foreseeable future, and until then it’ll be slim pickings. If you do see a listing of one, try your best to get one but be aware of the problems that people are having.

Kohl’s posted on their site a few days ago that they had some PS5s in stock. Naturally, the website was rushed by customers, consoles sold out fast and some people didn’t even have time to react. A few days passed, and now customers are beginning to receive cancellation emails. It seems that Kohl’s took more orders then they could fulfill. Now, they have to break the news to many excited people, hoping to have a PlayStation 5 for themselves or as a holiday gift this year.

As the struggle to find a PlayStation 5 continues, many people are still trying to get their hands on one. Keep an eye out on major retailers, and sign on for email and text alerts if the service is offered by a retailer. When you see more in stock try your best to get one, but like many people have experienced, there’s never a guarantee that you will get a console.

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