Skyblivion mod Team Just Dropped a Huge Update Video

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The team that is developing the Skyblivion mod just dropped a massive video update for their long-awaited project. It’s more than 20 minutes long and includes a ton of new content that’s being added to the mod.

This is the second video in their development diary series, showcasing the frankly massive amount of work that is going into their Skyblivion Mod. Based on the views that are already rolling in, millions of people are following the development of this mod. 

The development diary video shows off a ton of progress since their last video installment. Full quest chains are being added, alongside the obvious graphical improvements. According to the FAQ on the Skyblivion website, the mod will even feature cut content from the original Oblivion. New content is clear in the video, too. There are all-new 3D objects built from the ground up, including some pretty gorgeous loading screens.

What is it?

Skyblivion is being developed by TESRenewal (the TES standing for The Elder Scrolls), a fan-led modding community that aims to port older TES games, in their full forms, onto the newer Skyrim engine in 4K resolution. They currently have their hands full with 3 separate projects, all working with one another. There’s Morroblivion which brings Morrowind into Oblivion, Skywind which ports Morrowind into Skyrim, and Skyblivion which brings Oblivion into Skyrim. The mods are set to be expansive and full, bringing two individual games into one experience.

Skyblivion 2
Oblivion has never looked this good.

Among many exciting new updates, there’s a full quest on display in the video. Fans of Oblivion will recognize the sidequest Revenge Served Cold. It’s a small quest, but still incredibly impressive that a team of volunteers were able to pull this off in their free time. The main takeaway from the new development diary is that quests are now largely stable enough to be worked on consistently. The original Oblivion has 219 quests, all of which would need to be functional to have a playable user-experience. Once the game is complete, players will (hopefully) be able to access Cyrodiil and Skyrim in one seamless world. 

Skyblivion when?

Obviously, projects this big come with some hangups. These huge mods are all being coded on a volunteer basis. Just as much as the development diary displays what the team has already accomplished, it also encourages volunteers to sign on and help. There are more than 8,000 3D objects in Oblivion that need to be rebuilt and they can’t do it alone.

Still, progress has been steady since the Skyblivion project began in 2012. Once the mod is out, players will have to have a non-cracked version of both Skyrim and Oblivion installed on their computers to play. Obviously, the TESRenewal volunteers wouldn’t want their labor of love to be viewed as piracy. 

Since Skyblivion is such a massive task, it’s unlikely there will be any release dates set in stone any time soon. TESRenewal is shooting for the stars and I’m excited about its eventual release. Huge mods like this revitalize older games and reinforce the love we felt for them when they were new

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By Nathan Grant

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