Sony: PlayStation Direct Updates

PlayStation 5 boxes
Grabbing one of these consoles has proven to be a daunting task for many customers.

A recent update to the PlayStation Direct website suggests that the PlayStation 4 Pro might be discontinued. The site shows the console out of stock, and states that there are no current plans to restock it. Sony hasn’t made an official announcement about discontinuing the PS4 Pro, but it wouldn’t be that surprising with the PS5 selling so well. However, it does seem too soon given that many still can’t get their hands on a PS5.

Throughout this past week, PlayStation Direct has offered some PS5 restocks but it still hasn’t been enough to ease the demand for the console. Some people have also been lucky enough to get some through retailers, but the shortage is still outstanding. Even with the shortage still at large, the console has been selling incredibly well.

Moving forward, a good place to find more PS5s in the coming months will be the PlayStation Direct website. They have promised restocks in the future, and with a few last week, they could very well be getting more this week.

This is wonderful news for North American customers, but it’s also good news for European customers. A recent job posting based in the UK suggests that PlayStation Direct could be coming to Europe. If that is the case, European customers will have one extra place to check for the PS5 and hopefully grab themselves one.

PlayStation 4 Pro
The PlayStation 4 Pro might suffer the same fate of the Xbox One X soon.

The job listing was posted on December 15th, 2020 which suggests that PlayStation Direct Europe could be coming next year. The job overview is as follows:

“The PlayStation Store & Services (PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now,..) businesses have continued to deliver substantial growth and represent a significant proportion of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s overall revenues as well as approximately 15% of Sony’s revenues. It is also evolving rapidly towards new business models alongside dynamic changes in the Games industry, including the US launch of PlayStation Direct in September 2019. As a part of this evolution, we are looking to build on the successful launch of new direct-to-consumer business in the US with the launch in Europe. We are seeking individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, interested in working together at the forefront of online retail experiences aimed at exceeding the expectations of the gaming community.

Reporting to the Vice President, PlayStation Direct based in San Francisco, this role will be responsible for the European sales strategy and delivering the sales targets of the direct to consumer hardware business in Europe. Working collaboratively with PlayStation Direct (‘PSD’) leaders, the role will form part of the executive leadership team to drive PlayStation’s direct to consumer business forward. The ideal candidate should be an enthusiastic and flexible team player, have a strong attention to detail and have an analytical mind that thrives in a fast-paced commercial environment.”

So it would seem that PlayStation Direct will finally be located somewhere other than North America, which is exciting news. Given that this has been one of the best ways to secure a PS5, Europe can finally have the same chance North America has. Hopefully PS5 stock can meet demand soon, but until then just keep checking the PlayStation Direct website, and other trusted retailers.

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