Sony’s State of Play April 29

State of Play

Sony’s State of Play announcement on April 29th was a very short presentation, only giving us a little more info on Subnautica: Below Zero, Among Us and its DLC, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Let’s dive into what Sony had in store for us.

Subnautica: Below Zero

State of Play Subnautica
Open-world Survival adventure, Subnautica: Below Zero, is finally coming to PlayStation Consoles.

Subnautica: Below Zero takes place one year after the original Subnautica game. This open-world game will test your survival skills as you explore the below-freezing alien planet 4546B. You’ll scavenge for supplies, crafts tools to help with survival, and uncover what the story has to offer.

Subnautica: Below Zero will finally hit PlayStation consoles on May 13th, 2021. Below Zero had initially been released on Steam back in 2019 for early access but now it will be available on PS4 and PS5. For anyone who already owns the original game on PS4, there will a PS5 upgrade available to you for free on May 14th. The PS5 version is aiming to perform at 60 FPS and will include DualSense support. Anyone itching to play this title on their PlayStation won’t have to wait much longer.

Among Us And Its PlayStation Exclusive DLC

Among Us Sony Exclusive Ratchet and Clank Skins
Among Us is coming to PlayStation consoles this year and could be soon given its Sony exclusive content.

It is unclear when Among Us will be finally coming to PlayStation consoles, but in this State of Play presentation we got to see a glimpse of that along with a Ratchet and Clank themed skin. This further promotes both Among Us and the new Ratchet and Clank game coming to PS5 in June. It also hints that Among Us for PlayStation could be coming very soon.

Among Us has been pretty absent from consoles except for the Switch and the PlayStation and Xbox versions just state that it will be released in 2021. It could be sooner than expected though if this deal with Sony is to promote the new game Ratchet and Clank game. Regardless, there are many gamers eager to get their hands on Among us for their PlayStation consoles.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart PlayStation 5
Ratchet and Clank’s next big adventure has been built from the ground up for the PlayStation 5.

This was the last announcement of the State of Play and it showed some more in-depth gameplay for the new title. Rift Apart looks better than ever, utilizing the PS5 in every way imaginable. The alien worlds are more alive than Insomniac Games has ever been able to make them before. For those of you new to the series, it was stated that this is a stand alone title that newcomers and long-time fans alike can enjoy.

Rift Apart is set to release on June 11th, and I personally can’t wait. The game looks gorgeous and intuitive and is certainly the best-looking Ratchet and Clank game to date. DualSense support will allow you to feel every single shot from any gun you use, and the new gameplay mechanics look fun and fresh.

Insomniac has included some returning weapons and areas which will certainly be exciting for returning fans. It was nice to see some old areas twisted into new ones through these alternate dimensions. I’m definitely excited for this one.

Final Word on this State of Play

While this State of Play was mostly to show gameplay for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, we also got to see Subnautica: Below Zero as well as a teaser for Among Us and its PlayStation exclusive skins.

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