Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy are Switch Bound This Month

Just yesterday, we complained about Nintendo’s paltry lineup of titles scheduled for release for the remaining of the year. Today, we are happy to announce that Nintendo seems to have listened to all of the fan requests and has placed a date on a Switch release of an over due 3-D Mario Collection dubbed “Super Mario 3D All-Stars”

The collection will include, Super Mario 64 (hallelujah), Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. The games will feature some expected enhancements, such as resolution, and performance (fingers crossed for 60fps).

The Collection will arrive on September 18th, at the Nintendo standard price of $59.99. The game file size will be of 4.8 GB. You can pre order now on Nintendo’s E-Shop.

The collection has been rumored for months, but Nintendo’s hermetic ways kept us guessing if the rumors were true or just rumors. At the end of the day, Super Mario 64 has been one of the games that Nintendo fans have wanted remade for years now.

Mario 64 Switch
Very few games are as beloved as Super Mario 64.

While there is a DS version of the title, many of us hoped the after the 3DS remakes of the N64 Zelda games, Mario 64 would be next. This isn’t a remake, it is more of a basic remaster of sorts, but the collection will only be up for sale until March 2021. After that there won’t be a way to get it, which makes us wonder whether it will be worth downloading for the astronomical price, as the game will be removed form the e-shop, thus a broken, or lost Switch will lose the game collection forever (if the game is stored in its internal memory drive).

There will be a physical version available, but it is unclear how many copies will be made, and how readily available it will be. I would hold out for the physical version if possible, as I don’t trust my Switch lasting forever, and the durability of the SD cards is also questionable ( I have had a few die on me).

Still, the cancellation of the collection might be good news if it means that Nintendo is preparing a full blown remake of the title for the Switch ( why else would they pull the title out of the eShop next year?).

September 18th can’t come soon enough, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy will likely look fantastic at higher resolutions. Personally, I wasn’t as fond of Mario Sunshine as I was of the other two magnificent games included on the collection, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that has been the case for me with Sunshine.

Along with Mario Odyssey it is likely that Mario Galaxy and Mario 64 are the greatest Mario games ever made. The collection should be a powerful incentive for the few Mario fans that have yet to jump into the Switch, to go out and purchase one of the devices.

After yesterday’s news were are more than pleased about this announcement. Now, if only Nintendo would listen to us about those 3-D Zelda ports…




By Samuel Rivera

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