October, 18, 2005

First of all I am sad to say that the new Zelda currently titled Twilight Princess has been postponed until next year spring at the least. This is no doubt a hard blow to the Nintendo faithful, and RPG fans everywhere. The thing that worries me is that the game gets canned and instead is moved to the Revolution as the much needed launch titled star of that system.

This would be a tremendously disappointing blow if it were to happen, as the game cube would lose the title that would have made the system worth owning . Indeed the game cube has been a waste land for RPGs, if it wasn’t for Tales of Symphonia and the port of Skies of Arcadia the system would have been left without any great RPGs to capture the players imagination.

The Wind Waker is over rated, and Twilight Princess looked like the Zelda to finally unseat Ocarina as king of the series, but that now that will have to wait for 2006 and hopefully it will still be a Gamecube game by then, Nintendo has continually followed the path lunacy since the PS1 kicked the N64’s behind in sales, hopefully it stops here.


Moving on I am also sad to report that FFXII continues it’s plunge towards disaster as the original director Yasumi Matsuno of Vagrant Story and FFT fame quit the project. Perhaps because it was too much for him to handle? Who knows Square cites health reasons for his departure. Now Square has done the most incredible and perhaps stupid thing one could do in a situation like this…they have chosen Akitoshi Kawazu Director of the Awful SaGa series, as the man to lead the FFXII project. Except SaGa 2 , par1 and 3 could easy make anyone’s list of worst RPGs of all time! So my question is what in god blazes is Square thinking?

The good news is that supposedly a demo of FFXII will be shipped with Dragon Quest VIII which ships next month so I will be anxiously awaiting to give you NEVER ENDING REALM readers a preview of what to expect from the game. Since the game is reportedly almost done if it ends up stinking, 90% percent of the blame should fall on Matsuno.

On the Revolution’s Controller…

Nintendo fan boys claim this will be the wave of the future and the key to Nintendo’s triumphant return to Console supremacy in the next generation.

Skeptics however believe it’s a huge mistake and that it will further alienate gamers from them, after all this new controller isn’t as revolutionary as most have expected but it sure is weird.

Holding an analog stick in one hand and a controller shaped like a control remote on the other one, doesn’t exactly sound like a great idea at this point. Apparently however the controller has some sort of laser pointer that will allow you to move things on the screen by pointing the controller. Before condemning Nintendo however a couple of things must be realized.

One the Revolution is expected to be greatly underpowered to the XBOX 360 and PS3 in what graphical and technical capabilities are concerned. And Two Nintendo is losing more and more share of the console market, and in order to have any chance at all at coming back from the hole ( a hole they dug themselves in by the way but Ill save that for another article) they need to attempt something revolutionary and unexpected. This leaves Nintendo with two possible outcomes, supremacy or complete and total doom. There is no really in between for them anymore if they fail. If I were a betting man I would wager on complete and total doom. But at this point Nintendo has no choice, either way expect Nintendo to go the way of Sega in the next Five years. Remember were you heard it first!

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