Ubisoft Is No Longer The Top Gaming Company In Europe

Polish company CD Projekt overtook France’s Ubisoft to become the top gaming company in Europe in terms of financial value according to Video Games Chronicle.

Marked at $8.13 billion, the company has obtained an increase in value thanks to the increasing popularity of The Witcher 3 which has now sold over 30 million units world wide.

I still remember when years ago a CD Projekt CEO  made some statements about having an online multiplayer component in future games, as The Witcher 3 at the time (2016), was struggling to hit the 10 million unit mark. A big number to be sure,  but the executives at CD Projekt  had higher expectations.

The Witcher 3 has proved to have legs though, a Switch port and the Netflix TV series helped revitalize sales of the game in a huge way. While 8 billion might not seem like much in contrast to  other gaming giants (Nintendo is valued at $53.73 billion and Activision Blizzard at $56.27 billion) it remains an impressive feat, after all, CD Projekt only has 3 games under its wing, and Ubisoft has had a trajectory of hits, so in a sense, the Polish developer has done way more with less.

A toast for Geralt!