Arcadia Fallen Dialogue

Indie visual novel/RPG, Arcadia Fallen, is now out on the Nintendo Switch, after its earlier PC release. The Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect platform for this type of game.

An Epic Story Where Choices Made by the Player Matter

In Arcadia Fallen you play the role of a young and fully customizable Alchemist who is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit. Drawn into a war between humanity and magic, they (our avatar, and the spirit) must join a group of unlikely heroes to stop their own doom while hopefully saving the Nordic inspired fantasy world along the way.

Arcadia Fallen is the very definition of what a Role-Playing Game in its purest form should be. The game allows you to craft a protagonist customized to your liking and lets you to live out its story in the way that you want to live it out thanks to a generous of assortment of dialogue choices and story paths available for you to pursue.

The aforementioned dialogue choices will let you shape your avatar’s personality as you delve deeper into the game’s storyline.

A big part of the Arcadia Fallen’s story hinges on the relationships that you, as the player, develop with other characters from your party in the game. These relationships can range from the platonic to the romantic sort, including LGBTQ+ friendly relationships. In short, Arcadia Fallen wants you to feel the freedom of inserting yourself into its grand epic tale.

The ability to hone your alchemy skills by solving puzzles is also a welcome addition. Your mastery of the Alchemic arts will influence the story’s outcome, making this (Alchemy) skill an essential one in your path to enjoying Arcadia Fallen’s fantasy tale to its fullest.

A Star Studded Voice Cast Enhances Arcadia Fallen’s Presentation

Arcadia Fallen Kiss

Indie games, at times, can suffer from low production values and from other shortcuts given their smaller budgets and development team. However, that is not the case with Arcadia Fallen, at least when it comes to its voice acting.

The game features more than 4.5 hours of fully voiced dialogue by talents such as Sarah-Nicole Robles (Luz from The Owl House; Encanto) and Sean Chiplock (Persona 5; Genshin Impact), with voice direction by Philip Bache (Life Is Strange; Skyrim).

Clearly, Galdra Studios (The Developer) went the extra mile in order to deliver a game worthy of standing up to other larger role-playing games (visual novel or otherwise) in terms of presentation.

Arcadia Fallen Has Been Well Received

Arcadia Fallen has received a positive reception from critics holding a respectable 76% Metacritic rating and generally favorable reviews from RPG fans that have experienced it.

“Making a game that’s about intimacy has been incredibly difficult, and you have no way of knowing if you succeeded, before players can experience the game for themselves. The reception so far has been overwhelming, and we’ve already heard from players who’ve laughed and cried during the game. It’s such a relief to not just hope, but know, you made something that special” says Daniel Svejstrup Christensen, producer at Galdra Studios

RPG fans and mainstream gamers alike now have an opportunity to take part in this epic story where they can insert themselves and their own personality while saving a fantasy world. Arcadia Fallen is available now on Nintendo Switch for $24.99 at Nintendo’s e-Shop.

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