Horizon Zero Dawn: Breathtaking And Beautiful

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With Horizon Forbidden West (hopefully) right around the corner, it has me thinking about the game that started it all. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games for the PlayStation 4, and honestly all time. It is one of those games that I wish I could erase from my memory so I could experience it as a new game again.

From Watchers To Thunderjaws

What makes Horizon Zero Dawn stand out to me is the variety of enemies. These machines all vary in size, shape, and more importantly, weaknesses. If you thought taking down a machine with a bow and arrow was impossible, Aloy will prove you wrong.

shows every machine in Horizon Zero Dawn
All of the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. Have you fought them all?

It is so satisfying to finally take down a huge machine like a Thunderjaw. Exploiting its weaknesses will be vital if you want to win that fight. Even the smaller machines, like Watchers, have weaknesses that can speed up the fight.

The machines are the lifeblood of this game, and encountering a new one is always exciting. You have to stop and scan them to see what weakness they may have. You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with each machines attack patterns.

Engaging And Fulfilling Combat

Aloy has a wide variety of weapon and arrow types at her disposal which help in combat. She has access to three different bows, all with their own kinds of arrows. She also has traps she can set and bombs she can sling at enemies.

One of my favorite arrows is the Tearblast Arrow. This arrow won’t do any damage but it blasts compressed air to rip off armor. This is great for gathering materials or exposing weak points.

You’ll need those materials for crafting. You can craft arrows on the fly while in combat, which helps if you begin to run low. On the bigger fights, you probably will run out.

You can also upgrade your satchels to hold more items. This helps with arrow and material storage. Weapons can be upgraded too which modifications that can drop from enemies or be purchased.

Aloy’s movements are smooth which helps with combat a lot. You’ll need to time dodging right, but she is quick and agile. She is an expert with the bow, too.

A Unique Story

Horizon Zero Dawn’s story is one that stuck with me. Aloy’s drive to figure out where these machines come from drove me to keep searching for answers. Whether it was exploring the open world, or helping a fellow tribe with a machine, Aloy was always playing the hero.

Aloy makes for a great protagonist and a strong female lead.

She is so determined to find the answers she seeks, even if it goes against the beliefs of her tribe. She knows that more information is out there. As the story unfolds and she finds out the truth, I was truly amazed. There is some wonderful storytelling in this game that is still pretty rare in video games, especially open-world games.

A Beautiful And Dangerous World

The world in Horizon Zero Dawn is absolutely gorgeous. When you are exploring the world, long blades of grass flow in the wind, along with Aloy’s red hair.

Machines roam the world like wild animals and act like them, too. You’ll see them grazing in fields, or swimming in lakes and rivers. There are flying machines as well that soar through the skies.

The machines light up beautifully at night, which honestly help with night time exploration. The moonlight is pretty bright too though.

show Aloy climbing to a Tallneck
Explore a vast and beautiful open-world.

When you climb Tallnecks to gather information on the surrounding area, you get a sense of just how large and pretty this world is. The draw distance is amazing and the world is lush with plants and rock formations.

The graphics are truly astounding, and I hope this one gets a PlayStation 5 upgrade like some other titles have. Even if it doesn’t though, it is still a beautiful game.

A Brand New Franchise

I am so excited that Guerrilla Games has decided to continue with this franchise. It is fresh and offers a unique experience that hasn’t really been done before. I am ready to continue Aloy’s journey with her and dive back into the world of Horizon.

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