We Need More Games Like Persona 5

Persona 5 Cover

Persona 5, like the other Persona games, is one fantastic JRPG. It retains classic JRPG elements, while telling a unique and intriguing story. The Persona series will always have a special place in my heart.

A Classic JRPG

Persona 5 is an absolute joy to play. The battle system is a classic turn based system which allows me to strategize and plan ahead. When it comes to RPGs, that is my favorite kind of battle system.

The game offers a lot in the ways of customization too, whether that is which weapons and accessories you have equipped, or which Personas Joker has to battle with.

On top of that, there are plenty of party members to choose from, all with their own Personas and elements attached to them. This gives a lot of options in the way of battling which I really appreciate.

It is so hard to come by RPGs with turn-based systems these days. Final Fantasy veered off into the action-RPG genre and that’s a shame, but games like Persona still retain that JRPG magic.

There’s just something about having full control of the battle that is so satisfying. You can take time to think about your next steps and how to make sure you are victorious with each and every enemy encounter. It really brings about a level of strategy that most games can’t offer.

Monster Capturing Aspect

Another feature of Persona 5 that I really enjoy is capturing more Personas for Joker. Like other games, Persona 5 lets you capture enemies and utilize them in battle later. Here though, this game takes it one step further and allows you to even evolve and combine these Personas.

A battle in Persona 5
Turn based battles and monster capturing? Yes please!

The Velvet Room offers a way to execute two Personas and combine them into a more powerful Persona. This alone is something you could spend hours and hours on. Capturing Personas and experimenting with combinations is one of the most exciting things for me about this game.

This also gives you a lot of freedom with your use of Joker. Depending on who else you have in your party, you can mold Joker’s Persona arsenal around them for a well-rounded team. Deciding which Personas to use and invest in can be daunting, but when you find the right ones, it’ll pay off.

Life Simulation

The last big element within every Persona game is the life simulation aspect. When these high school kids aren’t in the Metaverse battling Shadows, they are attending classes and maintaining relationships.

Person 5 classroom
Classroom questions are a great opportunity to increase your knowledge.

Since you play as Joker, you will decide each day what to do and how to spend your time. Do you want to head into a Palace and make progress on the main story or do you want to hang out with a friend and build up their confidant level? Do you want to spend your day making money or useful items for exploring the Metaverse?

Any of these options are a valuable use of your time, you just need to manage your time enough to complete each Palace before the deadline. Other than that, you can decide what you want to do. Naturally, each decision builds something whether it is a skill or a friendship.

An Excellent Example Of A Great Game

Persona 5 has a lot to offer and so does its expanded version, Persona 5 Royal. Royal offers many more hours of gameplay, new characters and extra story. Regardless of which version you play though, you’ll be in for a great time.

I am and will continue to be a fan of this series and I look forward to more entries. It is so refreshing to watch a series grow and adept without sacrificing what makes it great. We absolutely need more games like Persona 5.

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By Dakota Deitsch

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