PlayStation 5 Error Code: CE-108255-1 Surfaces in Some Launch Consoles

PlayStation 5

Like every new console release, the PlayStation 5 has not been immune to glitches. Some consoles have even been reported as completely broken in the first week of release. However, one of the more common error codes has seemed to gather a lot of attention.

Error code: CE-108255-1 will display after a game or app crashes. It will then display this message, “CE-108255-1. Something went wrong with this game or app. Reporting this error to Sony Interactive Entertainment helps improve PS5 hardware, software, and services. This report might include personal information.” It will then prompt you to either report the error or not.

There are various reports on the subject, but in some extreme cases, people haven’t been able to keep any games open at all. This leaves their PS5 useless, and that can be frustrating. Moreover it seems that Sony can be a bit finicky when it comes to fixing this issue. Some customers have been lucky enough to get their consoles replaced but most are just told to wait for a patch.

A patch did finally hit PlayStation 5s on November 25th, but it didn’t seem to solve the issue for everyone. The patch notes indicated that it would improve system performance and issues related to charging controllers and playing disc versions of games. It didn’t specify fixing the issue.

PS5 Launch
Some PlayStation 5 consoles on the initial launch batch are suffering from strange technical issues.

Sony also hasn’t commented on this error code, or mentioned how many affected consoles were replaced. They did post to their support page bringing the error to light, but the suggestions for a fix do not solve the issue either. It suggests to reinstall the games it is happening to, or rebuild the PlayStation 5 database from safe mode, but these don’t prevent the issue from resurfacing.

A distraught customer has actually created a Twitter page after the error prevented him from playing all six games he bought from Target. The 19 year old Nick Hall, started the account to help spread the word about the error code. He was unable to find many resources online to help combat the error code, and now his Twitter page has become a hub for people experiencing the same problem.

According to CBS News Serkan Toto, founder of Kantan Games says, “I would say that the errors are, in this big picture, relatively mild.” In 2014, the same thing happened with the first batch of PS4s, and those errors only encompassed 0.4% of consoles. The same thing could be said here.

A Sony customer service representative stated that Sony is working with some of the developers whose games are affected by this error. They are hopeful to have patches out soon to fix the issue. Until then, your best bet will be to follow the guidelines on their support page, and troubleshoot the issue until there is a solid fix.

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