Undertale and Octopath Traveler Come To Xbox Game Pass This Month

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This month brought two amazing RPGs to Xbox Game pass. Those RPGs are Undertale and Octopath Traveler. Undertale came to Xbox Pass on March 16th and Octopath Traveler came on the 25th.

What Is Undertale?

Undertale is a 2D RPG created by Toby Fox. You play as a child who fell into the Underground, an area beneath the Earth’s surface. You’ll encounter monsters on your journey back to the surface. You can choose whether to defeat or spare these monsters, and these choices will affect the game.

Undertale was released on September 15th, 2015. Since then it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. It is considered a cult video game.

Combat in Undertale is unique and different, being a mixture of turn-based and bullet hell. During the bullet hell moments, you’ll be controlling the heart of the child, avoiding incoming damage from the enemies.

A screenshot of Undertale's Combat System
Enjoy a unique RPG experience with Undertale.

It is completely possible to make it to the end of this game having not killed a single enemy. Doing so will also shape the outcome of the game as the game centers around the mortality of the child. It is a very rare RPG that doesn’t require any death to complete.

Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy Undertale right now. It is a great opportunity to experience the fresh take on RPGs this game takes.

What Is Octopath Traveler?

Octopath Traveler was originally released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on July 13th, 2018. Since then it has received a PC, Stadia, and now an Xbox release. March 25th was its first appearance on the Xbox and it is already part of the Game Pass library.

Octopath Traveler is a classic turn-based RPG, inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy VI. The game’s art direction is even inspired by the SNES’s graphics.

There are eight characters in total, and at the beginning of the game you can choose which one to start with. After that, you’ll find the remaining seven party members throughout the world and invite them into your party.

All eight party members from Octopath Traveler
Octopath Traveler features eight playable characters.

Octopath’s job system allows each character to take on a secondary job. Their original classes will remain, but they are also able to level up a secondary class that can help expand their skills and the party’s coverage in battle.

This gives the player a lot of creativity when building their party. It is another wonderful RPG that every RPG lover should be able to find joy in. Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy Octopath Traveler right now.

Xbox Game Pass RPGs

There have been quite a few RPGs added to the membership lately. Undertale and Octopath Traveler are just a few of the fantastic RPGs that have been offered with Xbox Game Pass. Most of the mainline entries of Final Fantasy have also been added, with more to come later this year. This is certainly an exciting time to be a Game Pass member for RPG fans.

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