Why Final Fantasy X is My Final Favorite in the Franchise

Final Fantasy X

I have enjoyed each and every Final Fantasy title that I have played, though there are still a few entries I haven’t experienced yet. However, of those I have played, Final Fantasy X is still my all time favorite. Perhaps it is because it is the first Final Fantasy game I experienced, and inspired me to play the other titles in the franchise.

Final Fantasy X left an impression on me that I still haven’t quite found in another RPG. I find myself comparing each RPG to it, even without trying. I cannot help myself though, as everything in the game just worked for me.

This game features, by far, my favorite battle style for an RPG. I love having as much time as I need to think of what to do next, and towards the end of the game I certainly needed that time. I can appreciate the other battles styles in other RPGs and Final Fantasy games, but this has always been my favorite.

It gave me so much freedom to think things through and come up with a strategy. I remember having to juggle enemies who would cast reflect on my party members, leaving me unable to cure them since it would send it back to the enemy. Alternatively, I remember doing the same to some enemies so that when they tried to heal themselves, it would heal my party members instead.

Those are just two examples of so many possibilities within this battle system. I had a blast experimenting with everything and finding out what worked best for me. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment, which is really what RPGs are all about.

Much can be said about this soundtrack as well. I can’t explain how it makes me feel, but it just gives me so much happiness.There’s so much emotion tied to it as well. Anytime I hear a song from it, I just want to jump right back into a replay for the millionth time.

Final Fantasy X features an emotionally charged story.

And trust me, I’ve replayed it way too much. Each replay though, I find something else to enjoy. I’ll focus on a different party member, or try different combinations and still be left surprised. The Sphere Grid can seem daunting at first but it starts to really open up and you can begin to teach skills from one character to others. Each character has their own path on the grid and when that path is completed, you can begin to send them down other paths. It is just a brilliant leveling up mechanic.

I don’t even know where to begin with the story, but man it’s so good. I fell in love with every single character, their relationships with each other and each new moment they experienced. I could not have expected a more well-written plot. I don’t want to spoil anything as this is definitely one you’ll want to experience for yourself if you haven’t. I’ll just say that you can expect an emotional journey.

My favorite character is Lulu. Being a black mage, I was naturally already drawn to her, but her guidance to Yuna and the other party members makes her an asset to the team. She genuinely cares for Yuna, even if she is a bit standoffish. You can tell that Yuna looks up to her though, because periodically she will ask Lulu if she is performing her duties correctly enough.

Towards the end of the game, it’s easy to forget how young all of these characters really are, based on how much they have to endure and survive.

Spira is a vast world to explore. As with all Final Fantasy games, you’ll explore area after area, defeating monsters along the way and learning more about the world you are in. It is a beautiful world, too, featuring many different environments and enemy types. Once you acquire your airship, things open up and it’s much easier to explore everything Spira has to offer.

There’s plenty to find if you are looking for secrets, too. There are optional Aeons to be found, dungeons to explore and legendary weapons to acquire. I wouldn’t expect those tasks to be easy though, so definitely approach them with some patience and an open mind. However, they are well worth the time and energy spent to accomplish them. Each character’s legendary weapon is well worth the effort and the optional Aeons are exceptionally powerful.

It is all of these components that have made this game stick with me throughout the years. I will never shake my love of this game and I would never want to. The world of Spira and Yuna’s pilgrimage through it will always be a journey I am proud to have experienced. I believe it is a must-play for any RPG fan.

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By Dakota Deitsch

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