The Granstream Saga Review: Poor Execution Ruined Great Ideas

The Granstream Saga is an RPG that every time I play (I have played through it 4 times now) angers me, because it is a game that had loads of potential to achieve greatness but the developers never seemed to followed through with their great ideas. The Granstream Saga was released in Japan in 1997… Continue reading The Granstream Saga Review: Poor Execution Ruined Great Ideas

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/XBOX360) Review

THE DEATH OF FINAL FANTASY AS WE LOVED IT This has been one of the hardest reviews for me to write since the beginning of my RPG site in 2003. It’s not that Final Fantasy XIII has left me with mixed confused feelings because it hasn’t I have a clear understanding after 56 hours with… Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/XBOX360) Review

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) Review

THE SERIES TURNING POINT After ten entries in the longest, and greatest traditional RPG series ever (FFXI doesn’t count) I approached FFXII, the eleventh game in this series, with doubt, and even dread. No longer was the series helmed by the wise Hironobu Sakaguchi, and almost no one (Ito being an exception) who had worked… Continue reading Final Fantasy XII (PS2) Review