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Minecraft Sells Over 200 million Units and Has About 126 Million Users Logging in Monthly

Mojang Studios is celebrating the extraordinary milestone of achieving 200 million units sold of their once in a generation hit Minecraft. The Microsoft owned studio ( Microsoft bought it for 2 billion in 2014) was very proactive during the ongoing quarantine period by offering their Minecraft: Education Edition free until June. Over 50 million downloads of […]

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The Elders Scrolls 6 Will Not Arrive For Years to Come According To Bethesda

The wait for the Elder’s Scrolls 6 will continue for the foreseeable, and perhaps, unforeseeable future. Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Pete Hines, got into a bit of a twitter argument on Sunday. When questioned about the lack of information on The Elder’s Scrolls 6, Pete Hines – to the disappointment […]

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COVID-19 and Gaming As We Exit the First Quarter of the Year

We enter April with the world seemingly stuck in a standstill as the novel Coronavirus spreads through continents, paralyzing our daily activities, and bringing the economy to its knees. As with everything else regarding COVID-19, the gaming industry has not been immune to the damage. Cancellation of events, delays of highly anticipated titles, and the […]

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Nintendo Hinged Joy Cons Patent for Switch Hybrid

In an interesting development, Nintendo has filed patents for Hinged detachable Joy Cons (see illustrations) for it’s Nintendo Switch hybrid console. The development is interesting considering that Nintendo does sell a Pro controller already and the biggest issue with the Joy Cons has been the “Drift” malfunction that has plagued some of them.  The slight […]