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Phil Spencer: “I feel really good about our autumn launch.” Despite Pandemic Concerns

    Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has maintained his confidence in the Series X launch (both in meeting the deadlines, and its forthcoming success) throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. An interview with confirms that Spence, and Microsoft are ready for what promises to be a very interesting Next-Generation console launch for both Microsoft and hardware […]

xbox series x console
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Phil Spencer Says Gaming is Having a “Global Moment” But Not Under the Circumstances He Would Have Wanted To

The COVID-19 Pandemic has rampaged the world, and it has had an impact on the gaming industry. Millions of people forced indoors for prolonged periods of time has elevated video games sales to absurdly high numbers for the time period. Xbox’s head, the charismatic Phil Spencer in an interview with Business Insider couldn’t help but […]