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Throwback Bit Thursday: Alundra, More Than Just a Zelda Clone

Go ahead, enter a gaming forum, and search for an action RPG discussion. The Legend of Zelda Series will usually feature a prominent role, couple with more modern titles such as Dark Souls and The Witcher 3. One game, that few, if any mention is 1997’s PlayStation’s Alundra. Alundra is a wonderfully crafted 2-D Action […]


The Story behind a bad sequel: Alundra v.s. Alundra 2

Alundra is an all time great game, Alundra 2 is an all time bust (at least when compared to the original) which is the reason why I have chosen this series to be dissected for the first installment of the story behind the bad sequel. Yeah that sounds like one of those VH1 documentaries. The […]


Alundra (PS1) Review: A 2D Action-RPG Masterpiece

Alundra is a special game in many ways. The game was released in North America by Working Designs in 1997. At the time I wasn’t really into Action RPGs, so I paid no attention to the game. Unfortunately, Working Designs released a limited amount of copies of the game which at least by my estimation […]