Finally Final Fantasy VII Gets The Remake Everyone Wanted

Can Final Fantasy VII The Remake Surpass The Original Finally after 18 years of unrest and uncertainty Square/Enix finally announced a proper remake of the legendary J-RPG that popularized the genre almost two full decades ago. The question is now that we know that the game is on development, was it a good idea? Considering… Continue reading Finally Final Fantasy VII Gets The Remake Everyone Wanted

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/XBOX360) Review

THE DEATH OF FINAL FANTASY AS WE LOVED IT This has been one of the hardest reviews for me to write since the beginning of my RPG site in 2003. It’s not that Final Fantasy XIII has left me with mixed confused feelings because it hasn’t I have a clear understanding after 56 hours with… Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/XBOX360) Review

Final Fantasy XII (PS2) Review

THE SERIES TURNING POINT After ten entries in the longest, and greatest traditional RPG series ever (FFXI doesn’t count) I approached FFXII, the eleventh game in this series, with doubt, and even dread. No longer was the series helmed by the wise Hironobu Sakaguchi, and almost no one (Ito being an exception) who had worked… Continue reading Final Fantasy XII (PS2) Review

Final Fantasy VI (SNES/PS1) Review: The Greatest JRPG?

The Greatest? While my humble opinion on which Final Fantasy game is the best, is just that; an opinion. I have never made it a secret, that I believe that it is either the 7th, or the 9th installment in the aforementioned series that deserves the highest spot on the list, with Final Fantasy VI… Continue reading Final Fantasy VI (SNES/PS1) Review: The Greatest JRPG?

Final Fantasy IV (SNES/PS1) Review

Final Fantasy IV (1991) was the turning point of the series; its predecessors before it focused more on presenting a huge epic quest rather than a compelling narrative. With FFIV Sakaguchi, and his crew finally managed to combine a compelling ( for a Final Fantasy game at the time) tale with a globe trotting quest.… Continue reading Final Fantasy IV (SNES/PS1) Review

Final Fantasy (PS1) Origins Edition Review

And so, almost seven years after playing the Legendary Final Fantasy VII, I found myself finishing the game that started it all, the original Final Fantasy. Oh what irony, in 1987 the Final Fantasy series was born on the NES, and a decade later in 1997 Final Fantasy VII in PS1 (considered by many as… Continue reading Final Fantasy (PS1) Origins Edition Review